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Pink Canned Wax (800ml) Beauty Image


13.02€ vat inc.


10.42€ vat inc.

8.47€ without vat.


Formulated with natural resins and titanium dioxide. It protects the skin against dryness and irritation, which allows perfect adhesion to the hair. Creamy texture and low melting point. Use on facial and body hair.

Wax cans are the abc for hair removal.

Effective, fast and practical to use, it remains today, the preferred method and used in many spas and beauty centers.

How to use:

For its use it is necessary to acquire a pan, spatulas, a wax pan and depilatory bands
The wax must be heated in the tin pan until the wax is liquid and apply a thin layer in the direction of the hair with a spatula.
Apply a depilatory band over the top and press
Forcefully remove in the opposite direction to the hair

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