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GL1 - Andreia Professional

Gel Polish | Andreia

7.99€ vat inc.

6.5€ without vat.


Inspired by the feminine, bold and decisive woman, we created three tones capable of transmitting this power. GLAM, a limited edition collection of the GEL POLISH range, designed for the glamorous and sophisticated woman.

GL1 – Light grayish pink | GL2 – Eggplant | GL3 – Silver glitter with multicolor reflections

With a duration of 4 weeks, Gel Polish Andreia was designed to decorate and enhance the natural nail. With a fine, self-levelling texture, it has excellent adhesion, low aroma and great shine. The shades cover the natural nail and cure completely in less than 2 minutes under UV and just 1 minute under LED light.

How to use: Polish the nail in order to leave it porous. Apply primer and allow to air dry for 2 minutes. Apply base+top coat and catalyze 120sec in UV lamp and 60sec in LED lamp. Apply the desired color and cure 120sec in UV lamp or 60sec in LED lamp. Repeat the process on the second layer. Apply base+top coat and cure 120sec in UV lamp or 60sec in LED lamp. Finally, degrease with cleaner.

Tone samples are merely indicative, as they may vary depending on the computer screen used for viewing them. Thus, Sphyra Boutique declines any responsibility for any color variations that may arise.

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